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Go easy on me.

I've never really 'blogged' before. I've written a few little reviews on things and written over elaborated posts on Facey and Insta but I've never really sat myself down to write. So this is it, my first ever blog and as the title would suggest (or plea?) go easy on me.

Fresh Baby had it's fresh new look & launch almost five months ago and I'm yet to properly introduce myself to you. What better way to do so than to talk about the most intimate function of me. My name is Hannah and I use cloth sanitary protection.

Don't recoil in horror. I'm not going to be responsible for the reintroduction of extinct Victorian diseases to Cheshire but what I am responsible for is my personal impact on the planet, for my own body and for my own comfort. I’ve read somewhere that each disposable sanitary pad can contain chemicals & artificial materials that are the equivalent of 8 plastic bags. I don’t want that crap next to my lady bits but I don’t want to feel ashamed for making a different choice. Cloth was good enough for our Grandma’s and hundreds of generations before them and it’s good enough for millions of women every month around the world RIGHT NOW, so why not us?

I can’t use tampons anymore. Ever since my daughter was born my body has changed shape so it’s been pads for me for over 6 years now. I admit to being a dreadful wimp when it comes to period pain. I can actually faint and throw up when it’s my time of the month and I can liken my period pain to the early stages of labour because I’ve been there. 3 times. I’m heavy, I eat like I’m pregnant and I cry at absolutely EVERYTHING. My kid’s gorgeous little faces? Sob. The Gilmore Girls? Sob. Robinson’s Fruit Juice advert? Sob. It’s never ending. I am the living stereotype of the woman who does not want to leave her bed, cries for chocolate and refuses to wear a bra. I am categorically NOT the woman who gets her 10,000 fitbit steps in, goes rollerblading or tries her hand at rock climbing. I also refuse to wear white trousers any day of the year regardless of having my period or not because 1. I look ridiculous & 2. I have three kids who like to use me as a 5ft 7’’ tissue.

Five months after Mac was born I made the switch to CSP starting with a fantastic brand called Earthwise for night time/heavy use and Baba + Boo for daytime/lighter use. Soft and easy to use, I was completely sold. I’m convinced that my pain subsided a bit too. Picture a disposable pad in your mind. You open the packet, peel off the sticky bit at the back (the part that sticks to your knickers) and then peel off the bit on top and stick the ‘wings’ down.

The pads that I use and sell on the website are the same design concept as a ‘sposy but where the wings are secured into place with a sticky strip, they’re ‘poppered’ into place instead. No nasties. Just comfort. And different sizes! It’s my personal opinion that you change cloth pads at the same frequency that you’d change a disposable. The largest ones are designed for overnight & post-partum use and I’m confident that I’ll wake without any leaks. When it’s time to replace your pad you fold them into a little square, secure with a popper and place in a storage bag. To wash, un-popper each pad, pop in the washing machine with a dose of powder (no fabric softener – it affects absorbency) and wash on a 30 or 40. Hang them up to dry and you’re good to go for next month, the month after that and the month after that. They don’t need replacing. You’ll get years of use out of these pads. Apparently the average woman can go through 12,000 pads during her lifetime so that’s quite a lot of expense too.

Baba + Boo pads make periods so attractive and, dare I say it, something to talk about. New print designs launched last week with many celebrating the wonder that is woman. They even have a couple of designs that coordinate with nappies! Mac & I can matchy match our cloth!

The link to my Mama selection is below and I hope you’ve found my ramblings useful but if you haven’t thanks for humouring me and reading this far. I would love it if you decided to give Mamma cloth a whirl but I’ll understand if you don’t. We’re all picking our battles in life and I think you’re doing a boss job.

Much love, Hannah x

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