Baba + Boo Reuseable Large Sanitary Pads

Baba + Boo Reuseable Large Sanitary Pads

A new print release inspired by all things ‘cosy’ and a firm personal favorite at Fresh Baby, these reusable sanitary pads come in a pack of 2 (the large set is 26x18cm) and provide comfortable support when it's needed. With each disposable sanitary pad containing up to the equivalent of 8 plastics bags, you'll be so glad you made the switch. 
These pads are made with soft and absorbant  bamboo charcoal fleece, an additional absorbant core and and outer layer of waterfroof PUL. With poppers to keep your pads in place, you can remain confident of comfort and no leaks. 
If you want to go rock climbing, ice-skating, roller blading or hang off the back of a convertible car you probably can whilst wearing Baba + Boo Sanitary Pads. I won't be joining you though. I'll be drinking coffee, doing the big shop and braving the school run! 
Coordinating storage bags available.
  • Care

    Pre-wash your pads a couple of times before you use them for the first time to increase their absorbency.

    After you've used your pads it's a good idea to rinse them in cold water to prevent staining.

    Simply pop them in your bag and when your period has finished wash them all upto 60 degrees. Please don't use fabric coditioner as this will make your pads less absorbent.

    Avoid direct heat - air drying is best.