Hippynut All-in-one

Hippynut All-in-one

A new firm favourite at Fresh Baby, we’re proud to introduce Hippynut to our range!

Kat from Hippynut writes: ‘Our products are made from sustainable, vegan materials, meaning that we have gone to great lengths to ensure no animals have been in any way harmed or affected through their manufacturing. Why is this important? Because not only is it ethical, it also makes sure we’re doing our bit in every possible way to reduce our carbon footprint. Using animal products and animal-derived materials has been proven to produce high carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses, so we’re doing our bit to make sure our products are really and truly kind to our planet.’

* Insert contains two Stay Dry layers and a bamboo core, consisting of 6 layers. No microfibre
* Soft and stretchy PUL fabric.
* Snap-in boosters** to adjust the absorbency.
* High hip snaps to prevent wing drop.
* Double gusset for leak prevention.
* Front and back elastics for extra comfort and generous fit.
* A double row of snaps for a more secure fit.
* Five rise settings and adjustable insert length, providing a true birth to potty fit.

**Available to buy separately

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